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Why Us

Why Elmire Event Organizer?

Lots of events organized by company, organization or personal are tends to feel like a boring and repetitive event.  Showing nothing special, so the event just become forgotten because it is too "normal" or standard. The huge cost that used to created the event, which is supposed to be a media campaign for the existence of the company, organization, personal as well as awareness of a product is become useless. 

Elmire Event Organizer vision and mission is to give something unique, an added value to our client's event, so that the event can be successfully remembered as a pleasant experience for many people. All the concepts of events that we have can be synergized with the concept that client's have, because our concept can serve as complement and provide something unique to the event. 

And not only that, we also give something personal, special, memorable for the invited guests who attended the event that you held. They will remember the event that you held because during the event they can interact directly with us via the existing booths and talents at the event location. 
Contact us to discuss about the event you want to create, we are more than happy to meet and work together and give our best for the success of your event. 


PT Elmire Midas Asia | Elmire Event Organizer

The Most Trusted EO in Jakarta

Ruko Commercial Park CP 2.1 No. 18, Bekasi

Ruko Mendrisio 1 Blok C No. 1, Gading Serpong, BSD

Phone : +62-877-6262-3552

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